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deviation in storage by sakimichan


Another lovely shot. It was my suggestion to do this pose, but I really had no idea how it would turn out. It was really hard to move let alone pose while lying down. In the end I just relaxed and lay there taking direction from Myah and it turned out!

Myah!!! Take my photos FOREVEEEER!

Taken and edited by Studio Tsu Photography (…)
Costume made by myself
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Oriental by brunetteyes
More Myah Magic!

God I love the lighting on this one, the colours are so bright and soft. It really shows off the softness of the white toile and leaf frond fabric. And the LED lights somehow stand out really well too! :D

Also my make-up makes me looks super asian from this angle. I can dig it :D

taken and edited by Studio Tsu Photography
Costume made by myself
Design created by :iconcowslip:
Water Fan by brunetteyes
Water Fan
Wow its been a year since I used dA, but I'm realising more and more that the quality on fb is shit. I really want show off this gorgeous shot!

Yesterday I did a 5 hour shoot with my lovely friend Myah and she did some amazing things. :) I'm so so impressed with how they turned out, I'm blown away, literally :P Bad puns. 

Taken and edited by Studio Tsu Photography (…)
Costume made by myself
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I was meant to work on my acoustics assignment today so instead I thought it would be a great idea to make a list of all the cosplay I have done! 

I've listed them in order of when I first wore each cosplay and I went a little bit into the future at the end =P I also included cosplays I've made or helped others make. For some reason I was so sure that I'd made more! I guess when I make so many plans and visualise how I'll make them in my head, it seems like I'd already cosplayed them :P Anyway, enjoy! :D  



    1.       OC Lolita Catgirl


    2.       Death Note                              - L

    3.       Death Note                              - Misa

    4.       Ouran High School Host Club      - Haruhi

    5.       Teen Titans                             - Starfire


    6.       School Rumble                          - Temna

    7.       Chobits                                   - Chii

    8.       Pokemon                                 - Misty

    9.       Uta No Prince Sama                  - Otoya

    10.   Disney Aladdin                           - Princess Jasmine

    11.   Ten Toppa Gurren Lagenn            - Yoko Litner

    12.   Twisted Princesses (jeftoon01)     - Twisted Jasmine


    13.   Japanese Coloured Pencils           -Green: Walk in the Forest

    14.   Naruto Shippuden                      - Naruto

    15.   Soul Eater                                - Death the Kid

    16.   Kuroshitsuji                               - Ciel Phantomhive

    17.   Naruto                                     - Punk!Gaara


    18.   Vocaloid Project DIVA                 - Xmas!Meiko

    19.   High School of the Dead              - Rei

    20.   Toy Story                                 - Little Bo Peep

    21.   Tekken                                     - Christie Monteiro

    22.   Nana                                        - Shinichi

    23.   Dangan Ronpa                            - Aoi Asahina

    24.   Attack on Titan                          - Armin

    25.   Attack on Titan                          - Petra



    1.       Disney Aladdin                          - Aladdin

    2.       Ten Toppa Gurren Lagenn           - Kamina

    3.       Catherine                                - Vincent

    4.       Naruto Shippuden                     - Sasuke

    5.       Soul Eater                               - Liz

    6.       Soul Eater                               - Patty

    7.       Soul Eater                               - Kishin


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Abel : First of all we'd like to thank you for reading the comic. Secondly, this comic has no connection with Starfighter comic. The names and story are based on the original myth of Cain and Abel from the Bible. It is actually written on our main page. The brothers are supped to be opposite, as good and evil, however this is not a similarity with Starfighter, but with the twins you'd find anywhere in this world. I hope this cleared everything. *smiles*
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